[Service Case] Exhibition Guidance in Figure Museum

About the Figure Museum W Exhibition Guidance:

Character figures are now not only for children: as the word ‘kidult’ implies, character figures have permeated into grown-ups, and are enjoyed by wide range of people. Korea also got a number of ‘figure museums’ that exhibits highly sought after character figures that have significant aesthetic and cultural values, and the Figure Museum W in Chung-Dam area is one of those. We are happy to announce our participation in exhibition guidance service of Figure Museum W through beacons!


  • Beacons Used: RECO Beacons 42ea
  • Beacon Installation: Took 1 day (3 hours)
  • Service Scenario: Beacon-based Gamified Exhibition Tour

Just like the ‘stamp tours’ to guide tourists through landmarks, the beacon service implemented in figure museum w leads the visitors through an intended exhibition route, maximizing the experience.

Let us provide a sneak peek of the whole process of beacon installation.

▶Before the Beacon Installation: Setting each beacons with optimum signal attributes.

The Figure Museum W has 7 exhibition floors. We set each floor as one region, with 4~8 beacons positioned.

A pair of beacons was installed at each spot.
A pair of beacons was installed at each spot.

As shown above, we’ve paired 2 beacons at each installation spot. One of the two beacons is used to differentiate and transmit location information, whereas the other beacon is used to deliver signals related to message contents. The fundamental reason for the pairing of beacons is to detour the limitation on number of regions set by iOS. For any beacon service that includes more than 20 different contents to be pushed or locations, we highly recommend this pair installation of beacons. Contact and consult with our IT consultant for any further technical information.

showing ‘gate’ beacons and ‘floor area’ beacons.
The datasheet of beacons installed in Figure Museum W, showing ‘gate’ beacons and ‘floor area’ beacons.

Also, for iBeacon signals, UUID/Major/Minor and signal strength and interval should be all set for each beacon according to the service scenario.

▶During Installation: Checking Signal Intervention and Service Scenario.

In case of Figure Museum W, the presence of glass-walled central elevator and low ceiling posed high threat of signal intervention. Thus, during the installation procedure, we checked each beacons signal reception throughout the building.

Moreover, for beacon services intended to visitors or customers, the beacon installation locations shall be chosen with care, taking the traffic line and aesthetics into account.

▶Finishing the Installation: Checking Stable Signal Reception and Signal Blockage.

When all the beacons are installed in place, the first thing to do is making sure that all beacons are transmitting stable signals. Along with this, we check if there is any point where unwanted beacons signals are being received. This procedure is one of most important steps to guarantee stable beacon services.

Checking if there are any unwanted beacon signals being received.
Checking if there are any unwanted beacon signals being received.

For example, a visitor in 3rd floor should not get any beacon signals coming from 4th floor. Although beacon installation itself is being executed considering it, a double-check after the installation is needed to ensure proper beacon service.

Through the post, we shared the procedure of beacon installation and the checklist for stable beacon services. There are many factors to be considered during installing beacons, and it requires knowledge on beacon signal characteristics and service scenario. And overlooking these procedures often results in failure of beacon services.

To help customers solve the problem, Perples provides beacon installation consultations and installations. From setting the beacon signal data to proper signal reception tests, all steps required are provided to help launch your service with ease and success.

For any inquiry or quote, please contact us through the link below, and the IT consultant will get back to you as soon as possible.


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